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Place of Origin:
Tamil Nadu, India
Main Raw Material:
Appliance Paint, Boat Paint, Building Coating, Electrical Insulating Varnish, Road Marking Paint, Rubber Coating
Application Method:
Liquid Coating
Brand Name:


 FlameGuard CP








Intumescent f ire protection coating for combustible single & bunched electrical cables
and cable trays                        


  Long runs of unprotected, PVC or plastic rubber sheathed combustible cables, usually supported by vertical or horizontal cable trays and holders, are prone to rapid fire spread and excessive damage. Unprotected cables burn & propagate fire after only a few minutes of exposure to fire. Power current for vital control functions, supplies and services fails very quickly. Burning cable sheaths carry the fire rapidly forward as fast as 20 meters per minute. They gives off aggressive vapors. The cable trays, if not protected, are exposed to the risk from melting and collapsing. Cables, cable trays and holders protected with FlameGuard CP help prevent damage or keep it within reasonable limits.The time that elapses before the current fails is increased many times. The indirect damage from cable f ires (f ire travel, breakdowns, corrosion resulting fromharmful gases affecting sensitive instruments) is generally greater than the firedamageinitially visible.


FlameGuard CP is a water-based intumescent coating which is designed to prevent ignition, flame spread & smoke emission along the jacketing of electrical (or other) cables and to provide a thermal barrier for protection against heat damage. FlameGuard CP will also prevent a short circuit within an electrical cable from starting a fire and will help identify the location of such a short circuit by forming an intumescent char at the spot. The coating can be applied to grouped cables or single cables.When exposed to flame or to a temperature above 175ºC, the coating formsa protective intumescent char. (This char shouldberemovedcompletelyandclean cables should be recoated if intumescences should occur). The coating foams up under the effect of heat to form an insulating layer.There isnosubsequent burning of protectedcables after the directeffect of fire hasbeenhalted.




Electric Power Cables
Communication Cables
Fiber Optic Cables
Control Cables
Cable Conduits
Instrumentation Cables
Flammability Test – IEC 383 & 1S : 10810 part – 53 (30min / 1.5mm DFT)
Fire Resistance test – IEC : 331 (20min / 2.5mm DFT)
Fire Propagation Test – IS : 10810 Part – 61 (1.5 – 2mm DFT)
Scorching Test – IPSS 1-07-0 61 – 94 Standard
Cable Capacity Rating – IPSS 1-07-061-94 (3% max. No cable de-rating up to 2.5mm DFT.)
Smoke Density – ASTM 2843 (< 35%)
Limiting Oxygen Index – ASTM D863: 77.
Radiation Test – Gamma radiation test as per IEEE: 383.
Dielectric Strength – IPSS 1-07-061-94 (3kv/5min)
Flexibility – IS: 10810 part 50. (6 x D Bending radius)
Accelerated Ageing Test – IPSS 1-07-061-94 Standard
Leakage Current /High Potential Test at 200% of rated voltage

FlameGuard CP meets following specifications:
Fire Test on electrically heated cables via 150% of rated current.
Salt water immersion tests - ASTM E 1597
Single cable vertical flame propagation / burning test – IEC 332. Flame propagation test - Maximum
affected cable length should not reach within 50 mm of the edge of the top clamp.
Single cable horizontal fire survivability test – IEC 331. Fire survival test - Product should clear fire test
without any damage to cable core /current carrying capacity post 20 minutes fire exposure.
Single cable vertical flame self propagation test – IEC 383 Part 25. Single Vertical
cable fire self extinguishing test - Flame should not propagate & fire travel should be within test limits
Grouped electrical cable test - Product should clear test with DFT >1.6mm. Includes vertical fire tests,
scorch tests, leakage current /high potential test post 200% of rated voltage both pre & post fire tests,
fire tests on cables electrically heated with 150% of rated current, saltwater test, accelerated ageing test,
ampacity test & weather exposure tests.